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The New PolyAnna began in the summer of 2008 with one drawing, a series of four panels, documenting more or less or more the genesis a year prior of one girl's journey into a radically new way of loving and living.

July 4th, 2007: A Genesis...






"There is no good, or rather, sufficient explanation for how this part of my life began. Or why I decided to start drawing this cartoon. But it did. And here I am with ink on my hands.

"Hi. My name is Anna and I am polyamorous.

"My life thus far has amassed a variety of experiences and accomplishments. One of my favorite of life's challenges - the art of communicating - manifests itself anew in the form of cartoons, or what I like to call blogtoons.

"And what do I care to tell the world? Apparently I have a message about optimism. Dr. Pangloss aside, Pollyanna runs a close second for ridiculous bounty of social optimism. I on the other hand have been called morose on more than one occasion. My depravity comes it seems in large part from my ability to dive eyes wide shut into some of the hardest questions in life and still come up with air in my lungs. A person is bound to get a bit of a brow frown of wrinkles from such exhausting mental and emotional exercise. And still I'm glad to be here. And I'm glad you stopped by to join me for a bit.

"Lalalove you all!"

- anna, July 2008

"ps - I'm glad that you've read this far - of course, I'd be even happier if you read a little more!"

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The following song is terrible and ridiculous - kinda like me sometimes.

That's all. You were warned.



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