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open season on black folks?

First, check out this story.

When I was in New Orleans after the storm, I remember seeing spray painted signs that read "You loot, we shoot." I really had no idea at the time what these words meant. I figured, sure, if someone's stealing from you, maybe you could scare them off... I was wrong and ignorant. There is no reason to treat other humans this way. And if we don't demand action from the government, and if the government won't do something to right these wrongs, then we can hardly say that racism is done.

When I read this article, suddenly, I realize how long it's taken for these stories to get fairly and adequately covered in the news.  It's ridiculous.  Though I recognize that I was/am partly the problem, allowing myself to be swept along by a blind logic in which I am safe and damn the rest. 

Not any longer.  Ultimately, no is safe if justice is not done.

Please help spread the word.


This can't slip under the radar again.


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