5 steps toward helping poly people get more shit done


1) Admit that you have lost control of your social life.


2) Recognize a power greater than yourself that can give you strength.


3) Examine past errors with the help of a trusted friend.


4) Make amends to past errors.


5) Learn to live a new life with a new code of behavior.

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a few practices for not feeling secondary in open relationships

1) Hang out with two secondary partners at the same time.


2) Find something consistent in the relationship, any small thing will do, and adore it.

3) Stop using the word secondary.


4) Within the context of what is possible, allow your fancy to run wild.


5) Say no to the fear; say yes to the love.


6) Enjoy the larger community. You are part of it.


7) Date yourself, your first, best love.

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putting the title of this one at the end...


random side note: i actually dreamt this cartoon. i literally woke up from a dream in which i was drawing this cartoon in exactly this way. i wish that would happen again.

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six minutes or more

view the rest of the toon here. i created this blogtoon as a guest post for Artfaccia. please click the link and enjoy it on their site. :)


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missing christopher ryan

check out the event here: club exotica

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